What I ate: June 21, 2014

Breakfast: Beignets and bacon. I previously made and froze the beignet dough. Defrosted overnight in the refrigerator and 1:30 in the deep fryer at 360°F to cook them and that's it! Delicious, too.

Snack: 1.0 oz. Sriracha chex mix.

Walked 2.53 miles in 42:56.

Snack: A spicy Blood Mary.

Make a small batch of maple candied walnuts.

Lunch: Spinach salad with homemade maple candied walnuts, goat cheese and homemade champagne vinaigrette. And a homemade whole wheat and oat roll with butter. And a half glass of 90+ New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

Snack: 1.0 oz. tortilla chips with Green Mountain Gringo spicy salsa. And a Sierra Nevada summerfest.

Dinner: Pork spare ribs with homemade barbecue sauce.

And a salad with carrot, celery, radish, green pepper, red onion, cucumber, grape tomatoes, Annie's Tuscany Italian dressing and Olvia's butter and garlic croutons.

Two ribs was enough with the big salad, so I saved the third for a future barbecued pork sandwich.

And 2 glasses of Malma malbec.

Dessert: The last of the strawberries, some blueberries, and a Unicum liqueur.


Weight at beginning of the day: 127.8 lbs.
Weight at the beginning of the next day: 128.2 lbs.