Spicy sautéed tofu with green beans

I would normally have made this with green beans, but I had yellow beans from CSA Week #8 and it was just as good!

I had previously prepped the beans: tipped, tailed, cut, and blanched for 2:30 in boiling salted water. If they were thinner, I would have cut the time to 2:00.

I use 1/3 of a cake of extra-firm tofu for one serving. Here is is after making it into 6 slices.

Heat some oil in a sauté pan over medium-low heat. Add the tofu and cook until lightly browned, being careful because it loks to stick to the pan.

Right before flipping, season with garlic powder and freshly ground black pepper.

Flip, then season the other side.

Cook for a minute, adding more oil to the pan. Add the green or yellow beans to the pan.

Cook until the beans and tofu are cooked.

Here are the sauces that I used:

Turn off the heat and add the sauces to taste. Serve with rice.

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