I've been making these recently to go with my Mexican-ish dinners and I realized I never posted a recipe.

1 oz. tequila (I use Sauza Hornitos)
1 oz. lime juice (I used Nellie & Joe's Key West lime juice)
1/2 oz. agave syrup

I used to use simple syrup made with regular white granulated sugar heated with an equal amount by weight of water, then refrigerated, but I don't have margaritas enough to use it up. The agave is convenient and possibly healthier.

I use a short rocks glass, and even then there isn't enough to fill the glass. Just top it off with water.

A metal cocktail shaker is invaluable. The agave syrup is hard to mix with a spoon, but dissolves completely with a few shakes.

Also, when the drink is in the shaker, it's a great time to salt the rim of the glass. I have a salt and sugar dispenser, but a little kosher salt on a plate works fine. The best way is to use a clean dry glass and rub a cut lime on the rim.

But I usually don't cut up a lime for one margarita so I end up rinsing out my glass, shaking it dry, then letting the residual moisture on the rim of the glass hold the salt in place.

That's it. Delicious!

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