Spicy peanut chicken and broccoli

This was really good! I was thinking peanut chicken, then why not make it spicy? Is spicy peanut chicken a thing? I found this recipe, which I pretty much ignored.

The sauce is enough for 2 servings made in the same pan. I had some left over, but not enough to make it again later.

3.2 oz. chicken breast tenders, sliced
broccoli, cut into small pieces

2 tbsp. peanut butter (I used chunky, but use whatever you prefer)
1 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp. chili garlic sauce
1 tsp. rice vinegar
1 tsp. toasted sesame oil
1 tsp. hot pepper sesame oil
1 - 2 tbsp. water

I was unsure whether I should add water to the sauce. I didn't add it the first time I made the sauce and it was a little too thick. I added it in another batch and it was better that way, see below.

Add some oil to a sauté pan over medium heat.

Cook the broccoli on one side of the pan and the chicken on the other until the broccoli is cooked and the chicken browned.

Season with a little freshly ground black pepper.

When done, turn off the heat and add the sauce. Stir frequently, as the sauce will likely stick to the pan.

Serve with rice.

Update September 18, 2015: I made this again and I added 1 - 2 tbsp. water to the sauce. This thinned it out and make it easier to spread through the stir-fry. It also made enough sauce that I can cook this dish twice. I also added less chicken and more broccoli.

ate.2015.09.18.c3.jpg ate.2015.09.18.d.jpg

There's also a vegetarian version of this recipe using Gardein veggie chicken strips that's excellent!

Updated June 28, 2018: I tried making it with sauce from a jar, Watcharee's Thai peanut sauce. It had a nice flavor with lime and coconut. I used 40 grams of sauce for one serving. Next time I'll add some chili garlic sauce to make it spicy. It's a little sweeter than I'd like, but it's pretty good.


Updated July 9, 2018: I added a few tablespoons of chili garlic sauce to the peanut sauce and it was excellent!


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