Chicken and waffles

I first heard of this dish a handful of years ago, but never got around to making it. It's good, though honestly I still prefer my waffles with sausage. But fried chicken with maple syrup is surprisingly not bad!

Make a batch of waffle batter. If you're making this for breakfast, it's best to make it the night before. For dinner chicken and waffles you can make it in the morning. It does need to be made ahead, however, because it contains yeast.

I made a single serving of buttermilk double-dip fried chicken. I used 2.8 oz. chicken breast tenders, which are a convenient size and easy to fry; they usually cook in 2 minutes at 360°F in the deep fryer, unless they're abnormally large.

Season with salt, freshly ground black pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper. Dredge in flour, dip in buttermilk, then back into the flour.

Deep fry for 2 - 3 minutes at 360°F or until the middle of the chicken reaches 160°F.

For the waffles I used my Waring Pro waffle maker, which makes excellent Belgian-style waffles.

Serve with real maple syrup. I put mine in a ramekin so I can briefly heat it in the microwave (10 seconds) so it's not at refrigerator temperature. Also, I prefer to dip rather than pour so the waffle stays crispy.

Pictured above with a mimosa.

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