Shepherd's Pie #2

This is my new favorite way to make Shepherd's pie, lamb, peas, corn, gravy and mashed potatoes. The old way, Shepherd's pie #1, made way too much, and it doesn't really freeze well because of the mashed potatoes.

I made two individual servings in pint-sized Pyrex bowls. This works out great for a single serving size and eliminates the difficulty of getting a nice serving out of a large casserole dish. I also had previously roasted the lamb, made the gravy, and made the mashed potatoes, so this part of the meal goes together very quickly.

The ingredients (per serving) are:

1.5 oz. roasted lamb, diced
0.5 oz. frozen corn
0.5 oz. frozen peas
2.0 oz. lamb gravy
2.0 oz. mashed potatoes

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

Here's the meat:

The peas and corn:


Now would be a good time to sprinkle some salt and freshly ground black pepper if you are so inclined.

And mashed potatoes. I used previously vacuum sealed and frozen garlic mashed potatoes since I only needed 4.0 oz. of mashed potatoes. As long as you reheat them on the stove and whip them up a bit with butter and heavy cream, they're almost (but not quite) as good as fresh.

Wipe off the rims of the bowls, then into the oven, 20 minutes at 350°F. I put both bowls on a sheet pan to make it easier to get in and out of the oven. I found the best way to get the bowl from the sheet pan to the plate is using a large plastic spatula.

And that's it! It was delicious and just the right amount of food for me.


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