Sous vide pork from "Chef's Prime" roast

I make pork for stir-fry frequently, but I don't think I've ever done a post that really explains how I do it.

My supermarket sells something they calls "Chef's Prime" roast. I didn't like it until I figure out how to deal with it. It you want simple, easy, and all white meat, go with the center cut. But I like this roast now.

Here's my roast. It's a relatively small one at 2.39 lbs.; some are much larger.

Here it is out of the package:

ate.2015.03.11.c11.jpg ate.2015.03.11.c12.jpg
The thing is that this is actually two roasts in one. There's a "white meat" piece like a center cut, and then a darker meat piece. Cutting them into two separate pieces allows you to remove the stringy tissue that separates the two parts.

Cut in the gap between the two parts, leave a clean light meat roast and leaving the stringy tissue on the dark meat piece, for now.

ate.2015.03.11.c13.jpg ate.2015.03.11.c14.jpgParts separated.

And then cut off the fat and stringy tissue from the thin darker meat piece. Then remove the stringy tissue and fat. That's the "discard" pile in the upper left, though if you roast them they're really delicious bits of fat and pork, meatier pork cracklings!

Seasoned with salt, freshly ground black pepper and granulated garlic and vacuum sealed for the sous vide. This was a smaller roast so I put it in one bag, but you may need two bags.

Into the sous vide, 90 minutes at 155°F.

After coming out of the sous vide, cool in a bowl of water so the meat can re-absorb some of its juices.

Here it is, cooled and ready for slicing:

And sliced. The thing about the sous vide is that it's perfect done, every time. If you like your pork a little more done, you can cook it to 158°F or 160°F, but I like 155°F.

Sliced and separated into 3.2 oz. servings, with a mix of lighter and darker meat, ready to vacuum seal and freeze.


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