Hot pepper cheeseburger

This was really good! I don't know why I never thought of making it this way before; it has the peppers and Sriracha from my Turkey bánh mì style-sandwich with my regular cheeseburger. The hot peppers are way better than lettuce!

I make my own 4.0 oz. (before cooking) hamburger patties, grill, chill, vacuum seal and freeze them. Reheated 30-45 minutes from frozen in the sous vide at 133°F they come out perfectly medium rare.

Since I was making French fries, I also drop the reheated burger in the deep fryer at 360°F for 20 seconds or so to brown it, though this is optional.

The burger has two small rectangles of Cabot extra sharp Vermont cheddar, melted with a propane torch.

And then 3 rings of homemade pickled jalapeños, pickled banana peppers and sriracha.

The French fries are 2.5 oz. Cascadian organic frozen French fries. Cooked 2 minutes in the deep fryer at 360°F, they're tastier and much faster to cook than using the oven. Then seasoned with salt, freshly ground black pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.

And a few Woodstock Farms organic sweet bread and butter pickles.

This was delicious!

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