Steak salad dinner

I was trying to decide whether to have a steak with baked potato or maybe risotto, perhaps with a side salad. Then I decided I'd rather have a big salad with steak in it. Or, in this case, grilled teriyaki London broil.

I previously cooked, vacuum sealed and froze a 2.8 oz. package of teriyaki London broil so I defrosted that in cold water for 45 minutes. It was already sliced, but I cut it again into bite-sized pieces.

I used spring lettuce mix which has a nice variety of greens. I also added some baby spinach.

For additional veggies I added celery, carrot, green pepper, cucumber, red onion and pickled banana peppers that I previously cut and vacuum sealed in a jar, refrigerated.

When ready to serve, I added sliced grape tomato, beef, freshly ground black pepper and dressing. Since I used teriyaki London broil, I decided to go with Annie's Asian sesame dressing.

Finally, topped with 4 Olivia's garlic and butter croutons.

And served with a hot whole wheat and oat dinner roll with butter. Previously frozen; defrosted at room temperature, then split and heated in the toaster oven for 3 minutes or so.

ate.2015.06.25.d.jpgThis was delicious!

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