Bean sprouts with kamaboko and scallions

This is basically the same as beef with bean sprouts and scallion stir-fry but made with kamaboko, Japanese fish cake. It's a delicious, pescatarian version!

I used Gobo Tenpura, which is a fried fish cake with burdock. It's made from Alaskan pollock fish. According to the label, a serving is 2 oz., or 1/3 of this package. I vacuum sealed and froze the other 2 servings.

I made it with soy bean sprouts instead of the regular mung bean sprouts, but either work fine.

And 4 scallions, white and green parts separated.

Cook the white part of the scallions for a few minutes in a sauté pan with oil.

Add the kamaboko and bean sprouts and cook until the bean sprouts are nearly done, then add the scallions.

Season with freshly ground black pepper, granulated garlic and soy sauce. I like to add a little stir-fry sauce as well; I use Lee Kum Kee vegetarian stir-fry sauce or vegetarian mushroom flavored sauce.


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