Boca chile relleno tostada

The Boca Essentials Chile Relleno burger is made with green chile peppers, black beans and brown rice. Last time I made it on a bun like a regular veggie burger, but this time I made it like a tostada, sort of like the picture on the box. The flavor was good, but it's pretty unwieldy to eat!

I used a cutter slightly larger than the burger size to cut the small white corn tortillas to a smaller size. I used two tortillas.

Here are all of the ingredients: salsa with canned diced jalapeños, lettuce (Romaine), corn tortillas, red onion and the veggie burger.

I deep fried the tortillas for 30 seconds at 360°F. Normally they'd be pan fried, and that would be fine, but it's just easier for me to drop them in the deep fryer.

I microwaved the veggie burger for 40 seconds from frozen. Then deep fried it for 30 seconds, since the deep fryer was already hot. It also works well to cook them in a sauté pan.

Here's the tortilla, red onion, lettuce and veggie burger stacked, bottom to top.

And the salsa and jalapeños on top.

That's it. It was good, though difficult to eat. I'm not sure how to fix that part.

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