Kimchi veggie burger

This was good! I topped a Morningstar Farms roasted garlic and quinoa veggie burger with kimchi and it was delicious! I thought it might be a good combination but I wasn't sure but I found this recipe which made it sound like it would work.

I cooked the frozen veggie burger patty in a sauté pan for 10 minutes over medium heat, from frozen, flipping every minute.

Toward the end of cooking, I added the kimchi to the pan and cooked for 2 minutes. It would have been a good idea to cut it up into smaller pieces; I'll do that next time.

After cooking the kimchi but before the burger was done I also added my buns to the pan for a minute. This gets them a little bit toasted. After toasting, I added a bit of mayonnaise to each side, and added some lettuce mix to the bottom.

And the cooked veggie burger.

Topped with the kimchi and Srircaha.

That's it! It was delicious.


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