Veggie bánh mì-style sandwich

This was really good! I made my turkey bánh mì-style sandwich with a Morningstar Farms Mediterranean chickpea veggie burger.

A cooked the frozen veggie burger patty in a sauté pan over medium-low heat for 10 minutes, flipping every minute.

Here's the bread, multigrain baguette-style. I cut the middle section out and will discard that, otherwise there's too much bread.

Here are veggies: cucumber, carrot, pickled banana pepper and pickled jalapeño. I also toasted the bread for a minute in the sauté pan.

I put a little mayonnaise on both sides of the bread and the carrot and then cucumber on the bottom.

I cut off two edges of the veggie burger so it would better fit on the bread, and put that on top of the carrot and cucumber. If you put all of the veggies on one side it gets too slippery and the veggies or bread will fall off when you try to eat it.

Topped with the pickled peppers and a little sriracha.

And that's it. It was delicious. I served it with a side salad.


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