Veggie chicken Caesar salad

This is a little more than a Caesar salad; I added some lettuce mix, cucumber and tomato, so it's sort of a regular salad with Caesar dressing. Plus anchovies, croutons and veggie chicken. It was really good!

I got these veggie chicken strips, Gardein seven grain crispy tenders.

ate.2017.03.29.c1.jpg ate.2017.03.29.c2.jpg
The package has a variety of instructions but like the veggie chicken patties I ignored them. Instead, I microwaved two strips for 20 seconds, then deep fried them for 30 seconds. This is much faster than baking for 22 minutes! Also crispier. They were really good!

The rest of the salad included:

Lettuce mix
Romaine lettuce
Drew's Romano Caesar dressing
Olivia's garlic and butter croutons

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