Sautéed scallops with asparagus

This was good! It's basically the recipe from Ruhlman's Twenty by Michael Ruhlman. Page 233.

I served mine with couscous, which went well with the asparagus sauce.

The asparagus sauce is just the cooked and blended asparagus, with salt and a little butter. It's necessary to add water to get the asparagus to blend, but I added a little too much. This is before boiling it off and adding the butter.

Season 4-5 oz. scallops with salt and freshly ground white pepper. I cooked the scallops in about 3/16" of canola oil at 360°F. Turn after 90 seconds, cook for 3 minutes total. They were really good!

Drain on paper towels before plating in the sauce.


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