Pasta with veggie beef, zucchini and marinara

This was really good, though the serving size was probably a bit large. Maybe a little less veggie beef and pasta next time. There's an updated recipe with better quantities.

I used 85 grams of gardein beefless ground. This worked well in this dish, and I like it better than the Morningstar veggie ground beef.


5.0 oz. homemade marinara, previously vacuum sealed and frozen.


That's about half of a small zucchini, diced.


Cook 2.0 oz. penne pasta according to package directions. I probably could have used a little less, maybe 1.8 oz.

Cook the zucchini in a little olive oil. Add the beefless ground and cook for a minute. Add the marinara and simmer until the pasta is ready.

Combine and serve.

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