Homemade kimchi

I finally decided to make a batch of kimchi. Since this was my first time making it I got the kimchi kit from Mama O's, the same place I normally get my pre-made kimchi.

I started with 4.5 lbs. of Napa cabbage. This ended up being slightly more than fit in the 1/2 gallon fermentation container.

All cut up and in the brine. 1 gallon of water and 6.5 oz. sea salt (by weight).

The cabbage needs to stay submerged. You can use two nesting stainless steel bowls, but I was skeptical that 4.5 lbs. of cabbage and 1 gallon of brine would fit in my largest bowls, so I used two new 5 gallon buckets instead. The inner one is weighed down with a 3L box of wine, which seemed like about the right weight (and I had one handy).

Brine overnight.

The next day, drain and rinse.


2 scallions and 3 sprigs of cilantro (minced).


The kit contains a 1/2 gallon jar with airlock and a 6 oz. jar of kimchi paste. I like the super spicy version. The paste plus a 6 oz. jar of water is added to the brined cabbage.


I ended up with a little too much cabbage but I didn't want to waste it, so I put it in a separate jar. It would be better if I had some mason jar airlocks, but I left the lid a little loose. It only ferments for a day or two at room temperature and then is refrigerated so I'm not too worried about air getting in.


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