Chicken sausage, broccoli rice, and garlic Parm (Hungryroot)


This is one of the suggested meals from Hungryroot. It was OK. I'll have the second serving, but I'm not a huge fan of the Garlic Parm. The sausage is good!

85 grams cooked Broccoli Rice
50 grams Garlic Parm (4 tbsp.)


I cooked the entire package of broccoli rice. It makes 5 servings. The cooked weight was 435 grams so each serving should be about 85 grams.


I also cooked all of the sweet Italian chicken sausage and vacuum sealed and refrigerated refrigerated the remaining two links.


Update July 29, 2019:

This time I substituted 55 grams of marinara for the garlic Parm and I liked it much better this way.


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