Hungryroot July 19, 2019

I decided to try Hungryroot. It's mostly vegetarian and pretty healthy looking. I don't know how long I'll stick with it, but I figured it would give me some ideas for new ways to add vegetables into my diet. And maybe I'll lose a few pounds. We'll see.

The package arrived without any Styrofoam, which was nice. Despite it being in the high 80s and the package not arriving until 2:30 PM, the ice packs were still fully frozen.


Black bean brownie batter, cherry chia oatmeal, Thai peanut sauce, and chickpea pesto:


The vegetables: superblend salad, cauliflower rice, shaved brussels, and red lentil fusilli:


And the proteins: hot smoked salmon, braised lemongrass tofu nuggets, and garlicky herb chickpea duo.


For dinner, Friday, July 19, 2019, I made Thai peanut lemongrass tofu fried cauliflower rice. This was good! I used half of the tofu, 1 of the 5 servings of cauliflower rice, and 4 tbsp. of the Thai peanut sauce.


I also pre-cooked the entire package of cauliflower rice, since it takes a while to cook.

For lunch, Saturday, July 20: Superblend chickpea duo pesto. This was really good. I have enough to make another serving and definitely will. It has a nice lemony flavor and a nice balance of chickpeas and veggies.


For Saturday dinner I had Meatless balls and homemade marina with 85 grams of Hungryroot red lentil fusilli. This was good, but I think it was too much pasta when including the meatless balls.


For lunch on Sunday, July 21: Roasted chicken, superblend, and cauliflower rice stir-fry. This was good!


For lunch on Monday, July 22: Superblend chickpea duo pesto. This used the last of the chickpea duo.

For lunch on Tuesday, July 24: Red lentil fusilli with chickpea pesto.


For dinner on Tuesday, July 24: Shaved brussels with hot smoked salmon. This was not one of my favorites. The hot smoked salmon is overwhelmingly smoky! I ended up throwing out the second half of the salmon.


For lunch of Wednesday, July 24: Kimchi superblend fried cauliflower rice with veggie sausage. This is a recipe I made up and  was good!


For dinner on Wednesday, July 24: Thai peanut lemongrass tofu fried cauliflower rice. That used the last of the tofu.

For lunch on Thursday, July 25: Red lentil fusilli with chickpea pesto. This used almost all of the fusilli (I composted the rest) and all of the chickpea pesto.

For lunch on Friday, July 26: Shaved Brussels and pork with Thai peanut sauce. This was good! It used almost all of the shaved Brussels and the rest of the Thai peanut sauce.


There was a little shaved Brussels and a little cauliflower rice left. I composted those.

Left is the cherry chia oatmeal (I might have that tomorrow morning) and the black bean brownie bites (that I just haven't remembered to cook yet).

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