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Laptop Cozy

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I might possibly be losing it, but I had the idea of making a "laptop cozy." I never use my laptop case and prefer to just stick the laptop in my backpack. I kind of worry about it rattling around back there and getting bumped and scratched by the other stuff back there, however. Therefore, the quilted laptop cozy.
cozy1.jpgI cheated and bought a half yard of pre-quilted fabric at Jo-Ann fabric for $ 4.00. Then I basically sewed it into a pillowcase, which took almost no time at all. Also, I should preface this with: I don't really know how to sew.

Pin the open side of the pillowcase and sew across the "hem."
cozy2.jpgFold in half to make the pocket. Sew the remaining two sides. Remember: the pillowcase is currently inside out, so make sure you sew it as shown!
cozy3.jpgFlip it inside out, and voilĂ ! A complete laptop cozy. I made a smaller one for my Kindle, too.

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