Helmet cam tether

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This is a cheap ($ 4.23), easy, and very useful safety tether for a GoPro HD Helmet Hero helmet camera.

Now the camera mount is very sturdy, and I went a year without using one a tether, but if you like to ski through the woods filled with deep powder, let me tell you: a safety strap is a good idea.

It's made from a 12" toy dog collar! All you do is slide the adjustment loop tightly around the camera mounting stud holder. A drop of glue keeps the leash tight so it won't slip off, and you can still remove it if you need to by removing the stud from the mount. There are no permanent modifications to the camera or the helmet.

Then just loop it around your goggle strap. This works well because it fits pretty tight to the helmet so it's less likely to get snagged on a branch. Of course it needs to be detachable so you can remove the camera from helmet, and the quick release on the collar works perfectly!

If I were doing it again, a slightly longer collar probably wouldn't be a bad idea, but you don't want it too wide, either, because the strap won't fit over the stud.

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